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1 year of Fix-It : 1200 reparations and over 1000 tonnes of CO2 avoided

Soirée de lancement BeCircular 2024

Fix-It turned one year old, and, oh boy, what a year it has been!

In one year Fix’It :

  • performed 1200 interventions
  • avoided over 1000 tonnes of CO2
  • saved over 500 machines going to trash
  • grew our family to 5 members
  • built a circular economy community with 250 subscribers
  • received over 100 five-star Google reviews
  • was mentioned in the media several times

, and Fix’It won the BeCircular laureate!

Fix’It grew faster and accomplished more than we expected. This journey has not been easy, though. There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes, some sleepless nights and lost weekends. But this all has been worth it. Our hard work has paid off, and we can be proud of what we’ve achieved.

Follow along, and we’ll show you some of the highlights of the year.

Fix’It community

Firstly, we are extremely thankful to our community. It is wonderful to see how many people want to strengthen the circular economy in Belgium. 250 people subscribed and got on board the Fix’It solution of reducing electronic waste. We also received countless calls from people who wanted to repair their machines before throwing.

Our community have also given us great feedback: Over 100 five-star Google reviews! We are pleased to have helped many of you solve home appliance breakdowns. Our team appreciates all the kind feedback, which assures us that we are doing things well. Positive reviews motivate us to get even better.

Thank you!

Fix’It Team

What was especially exciting was that our Fix-It family grew this year. We have now 5 team members supporting the founder, Guillaume. Every team member is equally important and brought Fix’It to success. We could not do without our knowledgeable technicians taking care of the home appliances, nor our helpful customer managers making our clients feel at ease.

Fix’It accomplishments

Thanks to our community and awesome team, we have accomplished something huge. We are proud to say that we have completed 1200 interventions this year, which led to avoiding over 1000 tonnes of CO2 getting into the atmosphere. We provided maintenance for fridges, ovens, air conditioners, dishwashers, washing machines, you name it. The maintenance of all these appliances resulted in over 500 machines not ending up in trash.

The waste from household appliances was one of the main reasons Fix’It was born. Once we learned about the impacts of home appliances thrown away, we knew we needed to do something about it.

Home appliances are one of the biggest electrical waste in Europe. Firstly, a lot of energy and resources are needed to manufacture household appliances. Then, home appliances need energy to operate. Without regular maintenance, the energy consumption of an appliance increases further. And the worst of all, many appliances are thrown away unnecessarily. When thrown in landfills, they emit CO2, and inappropriately disposed machines can even be dangerous, releasing toxic chemicals into the ground and atmosphere.

Thus, reducing the home appliance waste became our mission. With regular maintenance and repair before throwing, it is possible.

Mentions in the press

We believe that the press has an important role to play in raising awareness of a circular economy. We were delighted that the LaLibre, Sudinfo and RTBF media wanted to talk with us about solutions to household appliance waste. We were also delighted to be invited on the radio by RTBF, and that this discussion was broadcast on Classic 21 and Vivacité.

Thank you all for sharing our story!

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BeCircular Laureat

The year ended with a big surprise – winning the laureate of BeCircular.

BeCircular is an organisation that rewards innovative circular economy projects in Brussels.

It was anhonour to receive the prize. And we were grateful to be among several innovative and creative circular economy projects. We learned about many interesting initiatives and were happy to meet like-minded people who want to bring a circular economy to Brussels.

Thank you, thank you, and one more thank you!

Be Circular logoRégion de bruxelles-capitale

Happy birthday to us! We cannot wait to see what the next year brings. One thing is sure. We promise to aim even higher.

Want to help circular economy projects grow? See if the Fix’It subscriptionis something for you, or share this article to spread the word about ecological solutions to electric waste.